sexta-feira, setembro 30

Everybody's Under Your Spell...

Great song! ;)

The Duke Spirit - "Everybody's Under Your Spell"

Kimmi in a Rice Field...

Nice song! ;)

Twin Sister - "Kimmi in a Rice Field"

quarta-feira, setembro 28

Hits Me Like A Rock...

Very nice video...

CSS - "Hits Me Like A Rock"

We are Floating in Space...

Beautiful song! :)

Spiritualized - "Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space"

terça-feira, setembro 27

We Have Everything...

Nice song! ;)

Young Galaxy - "We Have Everything"

segunda-feira, setembro 19

This is the day...

This song is a cover of the track originally released in 1983 by The The... ;) 

Manic Street Preachers - "This Is The Day"

sexta-feira, setembro 16


Nice song! ;)

The Sound of Arrows- M.A.G.I.C.

quinta-feira, setembro 15

A Chore...

Great Song! ;)

Tom Vek - "A Chore"

quarta-feira, setembro 14

Stay Gold...

Nice song! ;)

The Big Pink - "Stay Gold"

sexta-feira, setembro 9

Damaged Goods...

"Sometimes I'm thinking that I love you

But I know it's only lust..."

Gang of Four - "Damaged Goods"

quinta-feira, setembro 8


Nice song! ;)

St.Vincent - "Surgeon"

quarta-feira, setembro 7

I Might...

Great new single! ;)

Wilco - "I Might"

terça-feira, setembro 6


Great Song! ;)

S.C.U.M - "Whitechapel"

segunda-feira, setembro 5

Lust For Life...

*Lust for life*  ;)

Girls - "Lust for life"

domingo, setembro 4

Made of Stone...

"Sometimes I fantasise
When the streets are cold and lonely
And the cars they burn below me
Don't these times fill your eyes"

"Are you made of stone?"

Stone Roses - "Made of Stone"

sexta-feira, setembro 2

Sex u...

The first single 'Sex U' off The Hundred Days record, "Really?"

The Hundred Days - "Sex U"


Nice song! ;)

Theme Park - "Wax"

quinta-feira, setembro 1

Good for Nothing...

Great new song...

Hard-Fi – Good For Nothing