segunda-feira, janeiro 30

My Lonesome....

This song sounds like Pulp Fiction soundtrack! ;)

Two Wounded Birds - "My Lonesome"

domingo, janeiro 29


Great vídeo... :)

The Whip - "Movement"

Party of the mind...

Just to remember this great band! ;)

The sound - "Party of the mind" (live)

sexta-feira, janeiro 27


Nice song! ;)

Colour Coding - "Perfect"

quinta-feira, janeiro 26

Where Are Your People?

Great new song! ;)

We Have Band - Where Are Your People?

segunda-feira, janeiro 16

Give It Up...

Nice new track from "Future This" album! ;)

The Big Pink - "Give It Up"

sexta-feira, janeiro 13

Inside World...

I like this song! ;)

WhoMadeWho - "Inside World"

terça-feira, janeiro 10


Funky Version... ;)

Moullinex feat Peaches - "Maniac"

segunda-feira, janeiro 9

This Head I Hold...

Nice song! ;)

Electric Guest - "This Head I Hold"

sexta-feira, janeiro 6


Greatest new artist! ;)

Grimes - "Nightmusic"

quinta-feira, janeiro 5


Nice new song! ;)

Brett Anderson - "Possession"